The Wolf Group of Stores was originally founded as “Wolf Car Alarms”, originally founded in 1989. The business name comes from Wolf Haefele – the founder of the business. Back in the early beginnings, as the business name suggested, Wolf started out installing car alarms, mostly for local caryards. Then he was asked by these same businesses to install car phones when they first came out – large cumbersome boxes, not dissimilar to a home phone.

As has been consistent with the growth in telecommunications, soon enough that was his main business – and the name soon changed to “Wolf Car Alarms and Mobile Phones”, and not long after to “Wolf Mobile Phones”.

His success soon came to the attention of Telstra, and Wolf was offered the first Telstra dealership in Gippsland. Initial clients were government departments, local councils and authorities, many of them still customers of the Wolf Group of Stores today.

Soon the business had grown out of being done from the boot of his car, so Wolf, his wife Leonie, and two sons moved into a new house in Traralgon in 1991, with the business operating from a specially designed home office, employing the first of two employees – one installer and one in administration and sales.

In 1998, Wolf and Leonie set up a kiosk in the Traralgon Shopping Plaza, selling phones for Telstra under the “Wolf Mobile Phones” business name. It was the first Telstra retail operation in Traralgon, and at  this time, phones were becoming more affordable, so sales increased, and the business grew stronger.

After much success operating in the Traralgon Plaza, a retail premise was acquired in early in 1999 – at the current location in Traralgon. At this stage, there was just four staff employed in the store. By 2003, ”Wolf Mobile Phones” had expanded to a new retail premise in Warragul – at that stage employing 10 full time staff across the business.

The Wolf Business Centre was opened in Traralgon in May 2011, offering business customers with dedicated business specialists, who go out to see customers at their premises. The expansion of the Wolf Business Centre into Cloud and IT management came early in 2014, with the employment of a full time dedicated IT technician – working in with Telstra’s expectations for their partners to be a truly one stop shop.

Currently, between Wolf Traralgon, Wolf Warragul and the Wolf Business Centre in Traralgon, the amount of employees has almost tripled..

The Director of the Wolf Group is Shae Haefele – the eldest son of Wolf and Leonie. He has been working in the business full time since the end of 2004.